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Trinity Center Executive Director Donna Colombo presents Nick his first paycheck.

Trinity Center Executive Director Donna Colombo presents Nick his first paycheck from his new employer.

With help from Trinity Center and his church, Nick has a new job and is working on getting his own place to live near his work. Trinity Center loaned Nick money to get to and from his job by BART and bus for two weeks until he received his first paycheck.


Other stories of Trinity Center participants (not their real names):

After “John” decided to stop using drugs and alcohol, our Trinity Center family provided support by celebrating the milestones of his sobriety at our regular meetings. Staying off drugs allowed him to set up a living arrangement off the streets and to reconnect with his three children. He is currently studying to become a drug counselor and is working at Trinity Center as an intake counselor.

“Jane” is showing determination and grit by holding down two jobs that help keep her from having to sleep in her car. She works part time for a local school district and operates her own pet care business. She stays close to her Trinity Center friends by stopping by for lunch.

“Bob” is heading out on an adventurous four month hike along the Pacific Crest Trail. Members of our “family of friends” will follow his journey and send food boxes to specified places along the trail. After this avid hiker’s once in a life time experience, he will return to Trinity Center for a visit before starting a new job at Yellowstone Park.

“Mark,” a young man who struggles with mental health issues, arrived at Trinity Center on a cold winter day wearing a torn, wet tee shirt and jeans. After a warm shower and a visit to our clothing shed, he joined other participants in our living room, an important next step on his road to recovery. Now, with the help of our counseling staff, he is receiving the benefits and support he needs.

When “Joe” recently received two theater passes, he immediately said, “Oh, good,” and then named a homeless friend he would share the other pass with so both could enjoy some time out of the rain.

Many of the men at Trinity Center watch out for each other and especially for the women. We help people, and the people we serve help each other.


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