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David: “The Trinity Center has really helped me by providing a space where I can eat, take showers, do laundry and just in general, feel fresh in going to my new job a couple of blocks down the street. On my days off, Trinity Center has been a place where I can relax for the day, and attend the support groups. The groups have been a big help in dealing with my stress and life’s challenges. I am very grateful for the help and support I have received in coming to KRTrinity Center!”  

KR – “Trinity Center has helped me in providing help in difficult times with counseling and positive, motivational support groups.  This has helped to create a new confidence, and a more independent spirit, while widening my support network. I am now employed!

The staff is an amazing bunch of people and I can’t thank them enough for being here for people who are currently experiencing homelessness!”

Jo has struggled for quite some time with substance abuse and being homeless. Recently, he came to Trinity Center for help finding a detox facility. Unfortunately, they were full at the time, so we secured a bed for him at a facility in the Bay Area. This location was quite a journey for Jo, but his determination and persistence aided his willingness to go the distance. He used mass transit for the first portion, and rode miles on his bicycle for the last. After three weeks, Jo returned to Trinity Center to deliver the news that he got into a 3-month residential recovery facility here in the county! Jo is genuinely excited about the chance to move forward in his life without drugs or alcohol.

“Derek” first arrived at the Trinity Center in May of 2018. He had recently been release from jail and was struggling to find a foothold in the community. Issues with substance abuse soon resurfaced upon his release, and he met with an alcohol and other drug counselor at Trinity Center regarding addiction treatment programs. Derek was given resources for detox and residential treatment programs in Contra Costa County. Unfortunately, immediate access to detox and treatment in the County is very limited, so Derek had to “hold on” while a space opened up within the county’s system. In the meantime, Derek found support in the substance abuse process groups at Trinity until he was able to access treatment. Trinity Center also provided Derek with showers, laundry services, clothing, meals, and basic hygiene needs until he was able to get into a program. It took a couple of weeks, but Derek was finally able to get into a treatment program and is now stably housed in a sober living environment for the foreseeable future.


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