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Trinity Center is open Monday through Friday for Outreach and Respite for Homeless People and Working Poor

Group2017Trinity Center serves meals, provides shower and laundry facilities, clothing and food pantry, access to mail and phone. Staff members post job opportunities and assist with locating County resources that address addiction and other challenges. Clients are connected to ongoing benefits such as Medicaid, TANF, SSI/SSDI, Covered CA Health Care, and Cal Fresh (Food Stamps). The fellowship of sharing meals and helping others similarly distressed are the softer side of this vibrant program. Trinity Center is a safe place to be off the street.

Hours & Services

Monday - Friday - 8 am to 4 pm – breakfast, lunch, laundry, showers, clothing shed, food pantry, volunteer assistance.

Wednesday – 12 noon to 4 pm – WOMEN ONLY – lunch, laundry, showers. clothing shed, food pantry.

Wellness Assistance Program clyde and scott2

Monday-Thursday - 2 pm to 4 pm – Youth Center

We are pleased to announce that the first 3 months of our Wellness Assistance Program <Outpatient Drug & Alcohol Treatment Program> has continued interest and participation by our members! The Wellness Assistance Program is a client-centered, collaborative treatment program that acknowledges each individual as a whole person. Our group sessions focus on overcoming substance abuse and other life challenges. Assessments and referrals are made as needed. This program includes process and support groups as well as individual counseling. For more information, please call Clyde Childress or Scott Garvey at (925) 949-8712.





(925) 949-8712
Mailing Address:
1924 Trinity Avenue, Walnut Creek, CA 94596

1271 S. California Blvd., Walnut Creek

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