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Trinity Center Evening Program 2017/2018

Evening Program 2016-2017 2017/2018 Winter season Evening Program operates

7 days a week December 4 through March 29.  

Trinity Center Evening Program Update

December 4, 2017 through February 21,2018

Total unique members served through February 21, 2018:   64

Average Nightly attendance:   25

The number of nightly participants in the evening program varies from day to day. Causes: work (swing-shift, retail, gas station attendant, etc.), holiday travel with family, house sitting, attending church services or other special events.

While the average nightly attendance is under capacity (25/38), we have had significant successes with engaged members. Until recently, we have had a dryer than average winter this year, thus we can assume there is a lower demand for emergency shelter for 2017-2018. It is important to note that Park Haven Church in Concord is also hosting a Winter Shelter, for which there are no strict client agreements or capacity issues. Many clients who do not qualify to participate in our shelter are staying at Park Haven Church.

Last week, due to the cold weather snap, we opened empty spaces to CORE team.  CORE provided intakes to approx. 6 additional people. 

This year, the client population varies in age range from 24-75. Approximately 1/3 of our regular EP members are women sixty years of age or older. These women reported they prefer to stay at the Armory for safety reasons and because we are not a “wet” shelter. 76% of the clients are new to the Evening Program this year. 


Housing Successes:  9

Member Advocates assisted a member in securing a special bed at the Brookside Shelter for 4 months so he could recuperate from a serious illness, one member moved into a room for rent in a Sober Living Environment, Member Advocates facilitated two members to mend estranged relationships with family members and find housing with these families. MA assisted one female member move to a safe haven to remove herself from a domestic violence situation.

Sober Living Environment: 1

Reunification w/ family: 2

Temporary: 6

Permanent:  2 pending

Employment Successes:  14

Trinity Center assisted with resume construction and application process for 3 of our EP members who secured full-time jobs. In conjunction with Deacon’s Cottage who helped with interview attire, Trinity Center successfully assisted 3 of our EP members to secure full-time employment at local businesses- the Marriot hotel, Securitas security company, and a private-owned electrician company. Two of our EP members are full time member-employees at the Trinity Center. Additionally, a few of our EP members work part-time jobs such as rideshare driving, manual labor, and tutoring.

Full time: 8

Part time: 6

Engagement in Mental Health Services:  13

EWP participants engaged in individual wellness plans:  32

EWP participants meeting with Member Advocate or volunteer on a weekly basis:  18

12/4/17 – Evening  Program opened at the Armory More Information Here

Last season we closed our Evening Program with a dinner celebration at the Armory.  Over 60 Members, volunteers, staff and partners attended!

  • Check out the story and video here
  • Thank you everyone for your support!


     Walnut Creek Armory, 1800 Carmel Drive, Walnut Creek


December 4, 2017 – March 29, 2018


The program is only partially funded.  We must raise an additional $100,000.  Please help with your donation.

CLICK HERE TO DONATE. Your donation will support our members beyond the Evening Program.


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