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2018 Trinity Center Gala Gets Rave Reviews!

Dear Friends, Thank You!

  • What a success! Night of Hope attendees enjoyed our fourth Annual Gala since Trinity Center was founded in November, 2012, and the event is getting rave reviews.

  • It was our vision to inform, entertain, and provide a networking forum for our supporters in a pleasant, comfortable environment — and we did it!

  • To everyone who attended, donated, sponsored, and volunteered to help people living without housing or at risk of losing housing, you are truly appreciated.

  • Let’s do it again! Next year will be our 5th Anniversary Gala and we are planning a very special evening. Watch for the Save the Date and mark your calendars.

Special Fundraising Offer!

African Safari for 2 at Ezulwini Resort & Lodges
Now through December 31, 2018: $2500
Must be booked and taken by 6/30/2019
Unbeatable price for 5 Nights, 2 photographic safari trips per day, all food and beverages
If you would like this trip, please send an email to

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