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Growth & Expansion Goals

Transitional Age Youth (ages 18-24)

Trinity Center is perfectly poised to expand our essential services into prevention and reintegration, particularly in the youth community.

We are working toward the next steps in achieving that goal by Our goal is to take the next steps and focus on transition age youth (TAY), ages 18-24, who experience or are at risk of experiencing housing and food insecurity.  We plan to leverage our successful existing partnerships and Member Advocacy program to focus on chronic homelessness prevention in the youth community.  We recognize that this population faces difference challenge in self-identifying and their obstacles are unique.  Our goal is to add a Member Advocate to the team that would serve as a prevention and youth specialist.  While Trinity Center’s already established programs would be immediately available to this population, the goal of this new program would be to engage in more community outreach and to make a significant impact in providing rapid resolution and chronic homeless prevention.  

Trinity Center will partner with other service providers to build a comprehensive program that offers diverse and abundant service referrals.  Trinity Center has established successful working partnerships with local business and employers who want to expand our ability to collaborate.  We would begin our new program by immediately expanding our existing services and establishing a task force that would focus on the youth population.  This would include the County, local Cities, Universities and Colleges, local businesses and fellow service providers in order to maximize productivity and make the greatest positive impact. 


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