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Safe Parking Program

Trinity Center Safe Parking Program participants will have a safe overnight parking environment that allows them uninterrupted rest. While in the program, members will work toward a sustainable housing situation. Member Advocates help with applications for housing that is accessible and affordable, offer suggestions for short and long-term housing options, counseling on safety-net programs and enrollment in benefit programs, assistance with Homeless Court issues, and ensured access to healthcare.

Safe Parking Program Benefits to Community:
 A safe monitored place where uninterrupted, overnight sleeping in vehicles is permitted
 Provision of case management connecting homeless to services, shelter programs, and
Housing Navigation through CARE Centers and CORE teams
 Access to restroom and shower facilities
 Access to breakfast, lunch, and food pantry programs
 Reduced number of police calls for parking violations and towing by assisting participants with a legal space to park and with one-time funds for auto registration, insurance, and CDL fees
 Assist participants with homeless court applications to clear parking tickets

Measuring Impact
The Safe Parking Program measures impact by documenting and evaluating:
A) the number of persons and families hosted and fed
B) the number of clients benefiting from continued progressive homeless services
C) the number of client persons and families accessing transitional or sustainable housing
D) the number of members engaging in activities that would render them housing ready

Our Program is the first of its kind in Walnut Creek. We are so pleased to be launching this pilot program in October, partially funded by the City of Walnut Creek and Lafayette Community Foundation. We are seeking funding to ensure that the program continues to operate past the pilot period.  Please CLICK HERE TO DONATE


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